Uwezo Wetu

Uwezo Wetu

Location: Bukavu, Congo DRC

Website: uwezowetu.org

Profile: Established in 2019, Uwezo Wetu works to improve rural living standards and environmental protection in Eastern Congo. In 2019 through a project funded by the local Catholic church, UW provided 7,000 village girls with feminine hygiene products and trained them on their use. They have also conducted additional trainings in several other villages. PEACE’s partnership with UW focused on planning and applying for a project to establish a women’s cooperative that will produce green charcoal, which would fight deforestation and provide a source of income to members.


  • Green charcoal project action plan established (incl. SMART goals & objectives, evaluation plan)
  • 7 potential funding sources identified
  • 5 applied training sessions
    • SMART goals
    • Project evaluation
    • Fundraising

Partner Feedback

“The trainings were of paramount importance. We will reframe our objectives and goals to be more realistic, and have practical project monitoring plans. We will use what we learned when drafting new projects and collaborating with partners.”

Gloria Mwenge, Uwezo Wetu Coordinator

“The trainings will help us submit very well developed projects in the future. The training format was very effective.”

Olivier Muguma, Uwezo Wetu Administrative Secretary

Blog Post

Read more about Uwezo Wetu and its partnership with PEACE

Partner Photos

Waste management training in a rural Eastern Congo village, 2019
Cultural art exhibition at the African Union Entrepreneur Forum, Madagascar 2019
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