WOCAPSS-Africa Update: World Cancer Day 2021, Blue-Pink Center & More!

We are happy to provide a brand new update from our partner organization in Nigeria, Women’s Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society (WOCAPSS)! Despite the pandemic, WOCAPSS has been busy over the past few months advancing its mission of ensuring cancer-free women in Nigeria.

World Cancer Day 2021

WOCAPSS continued its annual tradition of holding events on World Cancer Day this February the 4th, which it shared with a series of posts on its blog:

Oyo State Cancer Coalition

Alongside other organizations in the Oyo State Coalition Against Cancer, WOCAPSS implemented a week of cancer awareness and screening events, featuring cancer awareness visitations to schools, a Mosque, a Church, a press conference, symposium, and a one-day breast and cervical cancer screening event that screened roughly 1,000 women.

Outreach in Lagos and Oyo States

Through a series of outreach events, WOCAPSS reached over 500 women, training them on common causes of cancer and how to conduct self-examinations.

Reaching military wives in Ibadan

In Ibadan, WOCAPSS also held a meeting with soldiers’ wives in Ibadan, where they were trained on self-examination techniques, then given breast cancer screenings.

The Blue-Pink Center

Work continues on WOCAPSS’ Blue-Pink Center, a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development that will provide cancer screenings and comprehensive treatment services to cancer patients. WOCAPSS hopes to launch the project website soon.

Crowdfunding Campaign

In April, WOCAPSS and PEACE will work together to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Global Giving. The project will seek to expand WOCAPSS’ community-based outreach activities to conduct cancer screenings and raise awareness!

Stay Tuned!

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